jacob nordbyThis “Rowdy Creator” place started out as my own personal blog.  I’m Jacob Nordby and I have delusions of a better way to live.  My whole life from earliest memory has been a steep uphill climb of self-discovery.  If you can identify with that feeling, then I hope you’ll stick around.  We have much to talk about.

I spent years chasing down the entrepreneurial American Dream–and, as exciting as that wild ride was, I discovered that my deepest desires were not for wealth and fame.

I desire to “give birth the to best that lies within”…to discover and explore and experience all of life.  My awakening to this led me to start the process of shedding much of what I had built up around myself.

I lost over 65 lbs (more about this on the Health page later) and began to seriously examine what my life was really all about.

During this stretch of the path, I encountered Rob Brezsny‘s wonderfully zany book, Pronoia.  In it, he used the term “Rowdy Creators” and I have been captivated by the idea ever since.

So, my fellow wanderer…if you find yourself always stepping to the beat of a slightly different drum…if you are fascinated by how life unfolds…if you long for a simpler, more peaceful existence…I hope you’ll join me here often.  Engage in the conversation, share your favorite books and quotes and videos with me.  Harrass me on Twitter and Facebook.

Together, let’s gather up our scattered energies and press forward into new frontiers of creation and bliss.

Does this sound altogether weird and impractical.  Hallelujah, sister!  It should.  The world needs a bunch of us to start creating happy chaos.  We need to delight ourselves in casting off the dirty old rags of tradition and myths that never worked very well to begin with–and are now just downright putrid.

Come along with me and let’s explore ways to “live inspired and fully engaged“.

Check out my “Mad Scribbles” page for things I’ve written.

29 Responses

  1. Omgoodness…I feel like I’m HOME! =-D

    *I am SO grateful to have been led here right now… and SOOO READY FOR THE JOURNEY AHEAD!!

    Many blessings to you, my brother in Christ<3

    Much love, Tanya=)

  2. I like that “to start creating happy chaos” it resonates within me.
    thank you.

  3. Wonderful…I’d like to keep track of the goings on here…You’re such an inspiration. I’m so lucky to have you as my brother 🙂 xoxo

  4. I love the positivity & freedom in your words. Oh, yes indeed I’ll join you! 🙂

    Michelle Sedas

    PS: “Come along with me and let’s explore ways to live inspired… ” you say. Live Inspired…. hmmm…. Might make for a nice title of a book 😉

  5. Trying to comment on my phone, so this may be a duplicate:

    Hey thanks, 🙂

    (pssst… Click on my site… You might find a title of interest 😉

  6. Jacob, now that you’re looking at religion from the outside, I for one would enjoy reading some of your personal reflections on where you were and where you are now. Thanks.

  7. Hi Jacob,

    I was wondering what happened to The Divine Arsonist. The contest site doesn’t give much info.

    Love the Ram Dass quote from earlier today. Was in his audience a couple of times way back.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, though I may not get online again until after the weekend.


  8. Steep uphill climb, huh? I think I was born with crampons on my feet!

    • ah yes…I imagined that you are one of us…the born climbers 🙂 thank you, Barb. Btw, you may enjoy my meanderings under Mad Scribbles (look for “The Magick Puzzle” for some reason my own blog won’t allow me to put the link in this comment!)

  9. Steep uphill climb because we can’t get to the top of a smooth mountain. Look how much we have shed along the way. Man it feels great to simply be free. I appreciate you and your love language. It is and you are activating and uplifting. Namaste.

    • much love & Light in you and to you, Stephanie! thanks for offering your friendship last year… i love what you said “Man it feels great to simply be free!” yes! namaste

  10. sweet, we think very much alike..with enough differences to keep us with a reason to share thoughts.. charge on rowdy creator cheers

  11. That’s a really lovely personal statement.

    I took my future into my hands two years ago, when my daughter turned 13, realising that all too soon I would only have had motherhood to take me forward. I had her quite young at 21, so there was nothing else.

    Had to change my whole pattern to do it which made everyone around me very nervous for a couple of months, until my interview for university was successful and now here I am in the top percentile.

    There have been dips along that two year path, but it’s being able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on that is the defining difference. Purpose and self fulfilment – opposed to ambition – I’m with you there.

  12. I stumbled upon your blog from a friend’s post on facebook. I love when I meet others that question convention and tradition. None of those things are bad –questioning, convention, or tradition) as I can be as conventional and traditional as the next, but I also learned early on to see things in a different way and to live my life with as few limits as possible. I knew all of this at age 8, but that didn’t keep me from struggling through the guilt that is presented to you because of how you question teachings. For me, questioning doesn’t mean that I doubt, it actually makes me think deeply about what I believe and what is true. Questioning makes me more sure and leads me to hold tight to those things I believe in, but also leads me to other things beyond. I don’t have to give up one single thing that I believe in order to believe further. That’s so cool!!

  13. Hello my beautiful brother, what an amazing journey! I feel that sometimes we are carried by the current, and then sometimes we are the current. Thanks for being a source of inspiration and humility for me. When I grow up I want to be just like you :0) D

  14. Hi Jacob! I enjoy your writings very much! Now I found you here, on Ezine Articles & Google Plus. I like being able to connect in so many ways online! Please check out my blog too @ http://scorpiosays.wordpress.com I am fairly new to this platform so any comments & suggestions are welcomed & appreciated!
    Love & Light ❤ Lisa

  15. Rowdy creator, Your journey sounds very familiar. I have drifted away from the traditional, rigid religious approach that limits my spiritual growth. I have evolved into a more inclusive, flexible approach which many traditional Christians would identify as wrong and “sinful”. But the mentality of exclusivity (“My faith is the right one, yours is wrong”) is what I have tried to distant myself from. I have even developed a spiritual model called the Spiritual Sphere which I describe in my blog. I am looking forward sharing more ideas with you. Peace.

  16. You are Brilliant and wonderful.
    And your mom is cool .
    Met your mum

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