How “Shadow Blessings” Make Us Smarter, Wilder, Kinder & Trickier

“The most important thing in life is grappling with a complicated, tricky problem that you don’t know how to solve” ~ William Vollman

I’m not absolutely certain that this is the MOST important thing in life, but it seems like it should be pretty close to the top of the list.

At the risk of making this blog an altar at the Shrine of Rob Brezsny, I must go ahead and publish his audio called “Shadow Blessings”.

He absolutely nails the conundrum of life. We all want to have life show up in ways that make us look good and assure us that we are on the path to “big success”.  Well, we DO–let’s just be honest about it.

However, life often hands us gifts that are wrapped in ugly paper.

We often can’t connect the dots between our stupid, brutish, painful experiences and the grand plan that we are sure should materialize any minute now.  How do we reconcile this paradox?  When can we turn away from the dichotomy and embrace the life of our dreams?

Rob Brezsny speaks boldly and honestly to this question in his audio clip.

Take a few minutes and listen in (do it with your headphones on and lean over your keyboard like you’re sleeping or praying or something–that way people will leave you alone while you absorb this message).

Here’s the link that will launch an MP3 player for you >>>


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  1. Amazing affair, I didn’t thought reading it would be so awesome when I looked at the link.

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