the crazy ones!!

The Crazy Ones

“The great creators-the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors-stood alone against the men of their time.”

~ Ayn Rand ~



This makes me want to give standing ovations and do handstands.

Are you a crazy one?

It reminds me of this wonderful passage:

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
e. e. cummings

And that’s the thing, isn’t it?  To each of us discover what makes us crazy…what lights the fire of our passions…what would call us to be anything but normal.  Do you know what that is?  Are you pursuing it courageously or are you waiting for “someday”?

The crazy ones don’t wait.  They sally forth.  They fail.  Their hearts are broken.  They heal up and leap right back into the fray.

That’s why we call them crazy.

That’s why crazy is such a precious commodity.

RIP, Steve Jobs!


18 Responses

  1. Great look to this site Jacob! You Rock

  2. Thank you, Dennis…glad you visited 🙂 work in progress and no real goal for it. Just a place to park inspirational stuff for now.

    bless you, friend

  3. Nice — are you a crazy one? Yes, I think you are. Eager to see your journey’s process… Love the Rand quote at the beginning…..really makes me think….Jenn

  4. They are not more special peoples like evryone. Their fame is forced from the medias too. Take anyone from the street, manage him, publish him, repeat some outlandish sayings from him, make a giant merchandise-bustle about him and evryone is thinking, that he is really special. Most of the really, really special people remain totally unknown the hole life.

  5. Sorry for grammatic, i speak not very vell english… 😉

  6. This is great! My hubby *already* thinks I’m crazy! Yaye!!

  7. Darling Nephew!

    So happy to join in with the ‘crazies’ of the world! Joyfully pursuing ‘my joy’ and not someone else’s!

  8. Oh!!! I love this!!! I often consider myself “crazy” 🙂 yet this blog post allows me to see “crazy” in a new, beautiful light!

    I SO needed to hear these words today:

    “They sally forth. They fail. Their hearts are broken. **They heal up** and leap right back into the fray. That’s why we call them crazy. That’s why crazy is such a precious commodity.”

    Well said, my friend. You have inspired me to “Welcome the Crazy”! ;-D

    • yes! thank you, Michelle. Those of us who allow the “shell to crack” are often confused by what comes through us. It doesn’t always make much sense in the conventional way. I call this in other places “the gift of not fitting in”. It really IS a gift but it does feel lonely at times. That’s why I launched this site and so love to connect with other crazy people. 🙂

      Bright blessings to you and all of the Crazy Tribe


  9. That was a great video. The message to embrace your inner crazy is excellent. I’m a big fan of complete acceptance of everything you feel. All the radicals are similar in one respect: they make people think.

    The radicals which are skilled in making people think positively are the good ones.

    In the words of the late, great Hunter Thompson, “Let your freak flag fly”

  10. To quote another great 21st Century icon….

    “You may be right. I may be crazy… but it just might be a lunatic you’re lookin’ for.”
    ~Billy Joel

  11. You, Jacob, are on the top of my list of people who have inspired me to be crazy, if it means sallying forth, getting my nose bumped, and not being able to resist getting back in the ring of fire. You also inspire to nurture our sacred fire within, in solitude, if that is what is called for. In other words, Jacob, you inspire people to Be the vessels of Light and Love that we naturally are! Thank You!

    • Dear Sister Sus!

      Hello and thank you so much… I’m honored to sit with you around this amazing campfire 🙂

      many blessings and all kinds of gratitude for Who You Are


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