I Declare 2010 as The Year of Serendipitous Chaos and Happy Synchronicity

My brother, Nate, said it for almost everyone when we talked a few days ago.

“Man,” he said, “I’m happy to stick a fork in 2009!  What a year…”

And it was that.  All of that and more.

Many of us (notice I said “us”) had our entire orderly worlds upended in frightening ways during 2009.  We endured steep, gut-rolling descents and nauseating barrel rolls that would make the rides atop Las Vegas’s Stratosphere seem placid by comparison.

People lost…

houses, jobs, retirement accounts, savings, perfect credit ratings, and marriages.

Expectations of ever-increasing affluence were dashed.  We all leaned over the dark maw of a financial abyss and stared at terrifying realities that had been masked by easy credit and rosy predictions for decades.

Yesterday I read that 1 in 8 American families is using foodstamps–and for many of them, that is their only source of income as they desperately seek new employment.  Most unemployed people are willing to accept jobs with salaries that are slashed in half.  Talk about a reversal of fortunes!

Is the danger fully past?  Have we stepped back on the “up elevator” again–free to resume our mindless acquisition of new gadgets and vicarious entertainments?

I don’t think so.

I believe that some of us have truly had a shift of perspective that will affect our behavior for the rest of our lives.

Some of us have discovered that more is not better, that we don’t need to eat at restaurants several times per week, that time with our families and the ability to experience meaning in life is much more valuable than professional success (whatever that means).  I believe that many of us are consciously choosing to find ways of  being very happy with less of what we once thought was so inseparable from a fulfilled life.

For some of us, the veil that obscures a magical Universe has been ripped away.  We have seen the illusion for what it is and are happily putting one foot in front of the other on a path of further discovery.

If you are someone who now sees sorcery in the sunlight glowing through a butterfly’s wings or feels like you are as rich as Warren Buffett when you sit with your back against a tree and breathe the magical aromas of the earth, then I suggest that you have entered a year of royalty.

As a barefoot emperor in a time of humble truth, I declare 2010 to be The Year of Serendipitous Chaos & Happy Synchronicity!  So mote it be.

If you have abandoned the pursuit of more stuff as your purpose in life, if you are in awe of the new-flowering realizations now growing within you, then I believe you will find this new year to be one that is filled with unexpected joy.  Begin now to act as a cosmic detective and look for all the ways that beauty and miracles will try to sneak unobserved into your life.

When you feel Chaos, hug it to yourself and know that the forces of change that feel so frightful are actually recreating the world in ways that will be eventually revealed as marvelous and benevolent.

When you see what you once called a coincidence, jump up and do a crazy dance with someone who least expects it.  Chance is no longer a word you can afford to use.  Begin to see all the circumstances in your life through symbolic glasses.  There is no accident.  Today’s disaster is the new plowed field of tomorrow’s crop of joy.

As the Bhagavad Gita says  “There is nothing lost or wasted in this life.

I invite you to sally forth on fresh wings of passion this year.  Let us be aware of the traps we once were caught it–and avoid them.  Even as we stabilize our situations, let us consciously make choices to enjoy simplicity.  Take walks with family, chat face-to-face with close friends, read inspiring and disturbing books, breathe the good air, and savor the experience of every moment.

Do you dare to take your own raggedy throne?  Make your own capricious decrees of beauty and truth.  Wiggle your toes and tickle your kids.

How will you pursue your own discovery of Life this year?  I’d love to read your comments below… Let’s talk!


13 Responses

  1. So mote it be, bro!

    So this is me sallying forth. I wish that my additions to this feeling could be more personal, but I assure all y’all that it is centrally important to me.

    2009 was a disease, but rather than talk much about it, I am thrusting forward into The Year of Serendipitous Chaos & Happy Synchronicity.

    I am thinking of trying a few things differently. I have two schools of thought on what to do about what wasn’t working, but unfortunately, they are opposites:

    “If what you are doing isn’t working, keep at it” because it may need more time (for use in organic spirituality, things that need to wait on the universe or other individuals to change), versus:

    “If what you are doing isn’t working, try something else” because it’s crazy to keep doing the same thing and expect different results (for use in inorganic spirituality, such as fixing computers – er, most of the time).

    Something I’m going to try this year, in the spirit of both synchronicity and serendipity, is better social networking.

    Hey, I’m here, aren’t I? lol

    • so happy to have you in the mix! glad to have met you and thanks for adding your voice.

      By the way, I recommend the movie by Wayne Dyer called “The Shift” (get it on Netflix if you have an account).

      Also, Seth Godin’s book, “The Dip” is fantastic for those who are trying to decide if they need to persevere or cut bait.

      bless you and thanks for joining the ragtag party here at Rowdy Creator

    • I haven’t really made time to reflect on my 09, but it may have been chaotic. A bit messy at times.

      Certainly, a number of friends have said similar things, so maybe it’s in the water – or the universal unconscious (Jung) 🙂

      I did finish well, with this experience and will probably restart with this too.

      Thanks for the thought-provokation Jacob 🙂

  2. I’m planning on honing my cosmic detective skills and finding joyful abundance everywhere I focus my attention! Loving what you write, inspired too!

    Blessings nephew!

    Blessing of love and joyful abundance be on thee and thine!

  3. Well, well, I fall into a completly different catagory than you described in first several paragraphs. I was poor(by the government standards). I am poor. The mini recession we had back in 2001 as well as this big one, have not affected me financially. I have had 2 jobs for years and continue to have 2 jobs.

    That being said, I did nit have my world turned upside down due to money issues. Mine were profound in the emotional and spiritual upheaval(sp?) realm. I am now 33 and feel like my life has been passing me while the world thrives. Being in the camp of not having alot of money, I have been wanting to did something that would propel me INTO the very camp you came out of. I am not saying that I am materialistic. I’m not never have been. But there are things that I want to provide my family that as yet I have nit been able to do

    • Tim

      thank you. very sincerely. thank you for sharing this.

      It reminds me that all of us are here to experience and evolve. So, evolve away…choose your own experiences.

      I encourage you to know that the golden prize doesn’t lie over any particular horizon, though.

      You may enjoy the movie “The Shift” that I also recommended to another commenter here. It talks about purpose and passion in life…quite helpful.

      thank you again for your open-ness to talk about limitations.

  4. Love reading your writing — love your perspective. Thanks for sharing and reminding us about the part in each of us that knows “truth.”

    For me, 2009 brought the realization that NOTHING is a guarantee. While my family didn’t suffer the financial devastation many did, I am not a stranger to financial struggles. I have spent many years living paycheck to paycheck (or worse) and when I look back at the times I had to choose between buying toilet paper or putting gas in to the car to get to work, I also notice that the joy I felt from the rich relationships with others were not weakened by financial limitations.

    In 2010 my priorities are based on HAPPINESS not in achieving or being “more.” Not just MY happiness, but the happiness of those with whom I come in contact, whether it is for a moment, a week, a month or a lifetime. We touch each other in ways that only the eternities can comprehend.

    No longer am I defined by what I do, who I know, which goals I achieve, what people call me or label me, not even my name defines me.

    And the when faced with a choice, “What is the kindest thing I can do for ___________ right now?” is my measuring stick. Sometimes the blank is filled in with “my husband” “my son” “that stranger.” The hardest one to learn is — “ME” “What is the kindest thing I can do for myself right now?” Wow….so foreign and selfish….but, I have learned in 2009, that if we aren’t kind to ourselves, we can never truly be kind to others.

    “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston. Yea, that’s it. That sums it up.



    • oooohhh…..very good. Thank you, Jenny Q–you wise woman. I’m thrilled to have you here at the campfire. Your last two paragraphs are really powerful statements.

      thanks again…let’s keep the campfire talk going.

      namaste` (bows)


  5. Howdy Rowdy!

    Okay, I hope there is room, here, both for the receiving and even the soliciting of blessings, and for invoking them. So Avonelle, if you can spred a little in my direction too… lol!

    I have also decided that namaste is my heartfelt greeting for 2010; I just wish I could bow properly without hitting my head on the keyboard! 🙂 (My personal thanks to Jenn for the direction.)

    Lastly, Spritz; if it’s in the water, isn’t it also in the UU? I usually feel the breeze when it comes to Jungian thoughts, but I do believe in a certain level of universality… except when it comes to finding a good agent. 😛

    Other than namaste, I think a more verbose sentiment of how I feel this year would be “Peace, and long life,” but I might be dating myself as an old Trekker. (I hate dating myself… I’m such a lousy date!)

    Namaste *bows, misses keyboard*

  6. Thanks for such a great perspective. Love your writing and happy to be connect via twitter!


  7. Well were do we begin…
    I followed a rabbit hole and wound up here..
    drawn in by your lovely locks 🙂
    your wonderful smile
    and an energy the oozes off the page
    and finally the words for this piece

    ringing loud and clear

    one of my sisters is in the hospital, she had open heart surgery 3 days before christmas and is now just beginning what will be a long road for her this year, the last 2 years sucked for her, but she has faced every hurdle through this heart thing with amazing trust.
    As I read your words and saw how much they echo my personal life already, I could see how they would embrace her and give her a wonderful way to look at some options this year,. She loved it !

    It was so well written, every thought opened a picture in my mind. 🙂

    Namaste friend
    can’t wait to see
    What’s next…
    I’ll keep you posted too 🙂

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