Vanishing Fungus

Imagine with me for a moment…

A tiny blue rock spins quietly in the back corner of a vast universe.  It has existed for only a moment and, in another moment very soon, it will disappear and leave behind the same permanent mark as a popping soap bubble.  On this rock is a thin crust of fungus in places.  As fungus does, it grows a bit, flourishes and recedes.

Now, come with me.  Leave your vantage point from a thousand light years away  in the deep billowing energy of All That Is.  Let us fly close and stand upon this tiny foothold.  Closer and closer until we pass through the outer atmospheres and breathe the moist vapor of clouds forming over the oceans to rain down upon the plains and sprinkle snow on the mountains.

Walk with me down the streets of the great cities where millions of humans are playing out the wrenching drama of their lives.  Babies cry, CEO’s rake money, actors and celebrities stand tall above the crowds like gods whose names are immortal.  Religions and nations war.  They crush each other and clamor for the right to claim All That Is as their own.  Their own story of how it all began must be regarded as truth.  For this they fight and kill and die.

And yet…and yet.

Imagine that, with blinding speed, we flash to another point in space and stand to watch the dissolution of the tiny self-important planet.  From here, again, outside of  time we see the whole  Human Project as a few moments of growth inside a petri dish before it disappears when the attention of All That Is moves on.  What then?

What of the millennia of learning?  What of the lives in which we strive to leave a permanent mark?  What of our great buildings and sophisticated laboratories?  Was this all a waste?

Come again and allow yourself to know with me for just a moment that everything that ever was upon this earth is part of the ever-flowering Is-ness seeking to fully experience Itself.  You and I with our separate but inextricably united consciousnesses are part of the always flowing tide of Creation.  We are notes of music in the great waltz of Eternity being played forever without end.

Seen “From a Distance” as the song goes, there isn’t anything that is worth much.  Why would we strive?  What legacy can we leave upon such a transient place?  What are our lives in which we have invested so much importance?

As with everything, the truth exists in both light and shadow–both in the thing itself and its mirror image.  In the highest vibration, All is One.

This truth allows me to live with humility and abandon.  I can cast away my self-importance and the stress that grasps so tightly to the story I’m addicted to telling.  I can, as Rumi said…

“Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.”

If the tiny little parenthesis in eternity called my life is, by itself, not very important, then perhaps that lifts a great weight from my shoulders.  I don’t need to live importantly.  Instead, I can simply live.  Enjoy the dance of life.  Laugh out loud.  Sip the nectar of the sunrise.  Try on different costumes.  Love without measure.

And, when the final cosmic pin pricks the earth-reality to which we are so accustomed, what a relief to know that “all is well”.  The heavy burden of living up to expectations is suddenly removed by the knowledge that it’s all a great, joyous Game.  That is the nature of being–ever still, yet ever evolving upon Itself with booming laughter accompanying every permutation.

Tell me I’m crazy?  Add your thoughts to this?  Please do…use the comment form below.


46 Responses

  1. Amazing post Jacob, and exactly what I needed today. I got chills reading it, because I have had similar thoughts many times.

  2. Jacob….
    Enjoyed the read, reminds me to step out of my comfort zone and look back on myself and all that I understand, so I may return with a more heavenly appreciation of life.

  3. Darling Son,
    Beautifully & profoundly considered & expressed! Your craft is unfolding with such brilliance.
    I especially like, “We are notes of music in the great waltz of Eternity being played forever without end.
    Add to it the words of Hafis,
    “I am the hole in a flute that Christ’s breath moves through – listen to the music.”

  4. Jacob,

    Someday soon I need you to walk me through setting up my own blog. I know the basics on how to get a blog space on WordPress, but I don’t know how to make it look interesting and non completely generic 🙂

  5. So very beautiful!

    Love you,

  6. Jacob,
    I love the imagery of us looking outside of ourselves and realizing how small we all are. Though knowledge of our interconnection brings a new responsibility for us all ツ
    Namaste, Dave

  7. Jacob,

    Yes. Great discovery.

    Live and learn… live and learn.

    We feel and Know that we are eternal. – Baruch Spinoza

  8. I think it is good to have perspective. The only part that worries me is the quote you chose: “Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.”

    Even if the perpetuation of one’s own life is the highest value, or living in the moment the key to enlightenment, we can’t all be notorious lest we spend all our time avoiding the other meaningless beings aspiring to their own notoriousness :-).

    Notorious does not equal victorious. And a good reputation is a life perpetuating state.

    • Hello, Thayne, my friend…

      I chose that quote particularly. It is exactly the discomfort you describe that it is intended to elicit.

      This, by the way, is not an egotistical statement that screams, “Hey, look at me…I’m such a freaky rebel.” This is the understanding that nothing (including the dearly loved reputation!) is as important as we believe.

      Sally forth and learn. Disregard social customs and the carefully cultivated image. Experience and know the Reality first-hand.

      We may end up disagreeing here, but I think it’s more because we’re talking about different understandings rather than a contest between “right” or “wrong” opinions.

  9. It comes down to what can be known.

    I have to assume you know something I do not know.

    You may, in fact, be left handed. 🙂

    But I am left knowing little more.

    I only know that which I experience every day and am too afraid to suppose there is a deeper understanding that I have, as yet, not become acquainted with dear sir. Maybe that will change one day.

    • HA! I am, in fact, left-handed…cause enough to be notorious 🙂

      knowings are, as you suggest, personal. my knowing isn’t better than your knowing.

      my mission is to reflect the Light as it shines upon (within?) me. someone may be made bolder then to honor their own Light… that is enough

  10. We each have our own piece of the puzzle.
    We each are a piece of the rainbow in the sky
    the energy of this wonderful thing called life
    I know why we come from the sky
    to gather our own sparkling piece
    to bring back with us when we leave
    and we each get our turn
    at show and tell 🙂
    energy knows energy
    listen with your core
    and laugh every day laugh
    till you cry if need be

  11. I loved reading your blog and I found it very interesting. I m really impressed with your work. I loved your idea about the whole thing. I am happy I went through your blog. It has helped me a lot.

  12. As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

  13. Way cool! love that you and me and your Mom make at least three who enjoy so much these contemplations and rumi-nations…and know the beauty of love and light and laughter. Reminded me of a poem I wrote about a decade ago. I will look for it in my memories and in my paperwork and hope to share it with you!sweet man, a delight. namaste

  14. where did:’your comment is awaiting moderation’ come from??a ‘tsk’ from your server?heheheheeee!

  15. ah, it disappeared now and makes it look like I’m a loony-toony!well, that’d be a surprise……

  16. Crazy? Would that all men everywhere were so crazy!

    I gathered more understanding as I read on…

    There is something rather “Ecclesiastical” about it, but was that not the point, to make us realize our smallness in terms of the All That Is, and the Great Waltz of Eternity, that while in the large scheme of things, we may not SEEM to be important, but when it is all said and done, and the Pin has Pricked, the small moments in which we gave our all, and loved hugely, and became Notorious, will be shards of glass in our Kaleidoscope that comprise the bigger picture of what we Were.

  17. wow. great posting. love it. well done! fabulously written. the earth is lucky to have you! I look forward to reading EVERYTHING you write!
    Please stay in touch.

  18. simply beautiful – I love “…I can simply live.  Enjoy the dance of life.  Laugh out loud.  Sip the nectar of the sunrise.  Try on different costumes.  Love without measure.” Your words express my exact feelings about how we should be living our days. thanks for sharing!

    • Roxanne

      thank you…it’s a pleasure to compare notes with friends like you. You know, all of this has come through for me after I lost what I thought was the life I was supposed to be living. What a divine paradox, huh? Everything goes smash and reveals life’s greatest treasures. 🙂

      namaste and thanks for your friendship,


  19. Love it! Love you! Thinking I need a trip to TX to come play with you and Aline and a few others! Hmmm…Taking UnCommon Touch on the road?

  20. I feel as though I have just taken a far away journey and will return with a different view on the world. Thank you!

  21. I love this! I especially loved the last five words: “…booming laughter accompanying every permutation”.

    Thank you for a wonderful and insightful read!

    Namaste…enjoy the day!


  22. Enjoyed reading your perspective. Now that I’m 70 i know that everything done with LOVE lasts & loving others brings happiness. U R LOVED JACOB

  23. “We are notes of music in the great waltz of Eternity being played forever without end”

    Absolutely beautiful!

  24. Jacob,
    I am breathless with the awe, the majesty and the simplicity of your message.
    So powerful and appreciated, the synchronicity of our connection and our understanding.
    In Light & Laughter,

    • Hello, Marcia

      I am just delighted to meet you. Very comforting to connect with others who share a knowing like this, isn’t it? I sense that same spirit in your words.

      Sending much love & Light 🙂


  25. Reading this felt like a huge inhale and a huge exhale of Life itself. We fall somewhere in the middle of an insignificant and an extraordinary species called humans?

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