What do I REALLY desire most?

This will be a very short post.  I ran across one of Rob Breszny’s brilliant “Sacred Advertisements” and just had to share it with you.  Here it is…..

From Rob Breszny (author of the brilliant Pronoia book) SACRED ADVERTISEMENT ~~
“Write the following on a piece of red paper and keep it under your pillow. “I, [put your name here], do solemnly swear on this day, [put date here], that I will devote myself for a period of seven days to learning my most important desire. No other thought will be more uppermost in my mind. No other concern will divert me from tracking down every clue that might assist me in my drive to ascertain the one experience in this world that deserves my brilliant passion above all others.”

OK.  Will you do this?  Why not?

It’s an established fact that what we think about and desire MOST begins to manifest in our lives.  The trouble is that we are often very confused and think that we desire things that are actually of very little importance to us.

The message here…learn what you desire MOST.  That’s what you’re going to get.

I, for example, discovered that what I desired MOST in life was not a huge, nationally acclaimed company with my name on it.  I believed that it was.  I believed it for years.  I worked so hard on that–read books, went to seminars, visualized, took mentors to lunch, wrote, structured, planned, worked.  I was frustrated and confused when my desire didn’t manifest on schedule.

I learned that we get what we truly desire in life–and if we surrender to the guidance of our Highest Self, we will be shown the path that takes us to it.

Caveat!  Don’t expect to let go of a lifetime of chasing down inauthentic pursuits as easily as you change shirts.  This is a process.  Old dreams may have to die (probably will), new courage will have to be discovered, locked up patterns of energy will have to be dealt with.

I can tell you as one who is even now joyfully on the path of experiencing Life, that the passing away of the old (even though it’s traumatic!) is worth every step across the hot coals and broken glass.


11 Responses

  1. Another great post with some fantastic advice!

  2. Wow, I must share this with my other half 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  3. You pose a good question. A critical question. But the practicalities of life make it seem like the question needs to be qualified…what do you desire most, and how can you either make money at it, or subsidize it? Or is this exercise to be conducted in non-practical vacuum. If so, can I borrow yours?

    • well…there’s practical and then there’s imperative.

      in other words, when it is no longer possible to ignore the quiet, insistent little voice inside…you’ll know what’s next. You won’t have to ask.

      This isn’t as much about a specific “lightning bolt from heaven” kind of revelation as it is just beginning to awaken from the inauthentic, materialistic (sorry…the pursuit of stuff pretty much stifles us most of the time!) miasma in which we find ourselves.

      At first, I believe it’s much less important to try to figure out how to make something PAY than it is to discover what makes us come alive.

      In our culture we want to get a tidy answer to our question and then proceed directly to using this new-found clarity to make ourselves rich, powerful and comfortable. Ok, maybe just comfortable 🙂

      See, it’s kind of a problem when we keep choosing only what’s been chosen for us all of our lives. We accept the financial requirements of a lifestyle that simply isn’t necessary. If you have never hauled water or split wood to heat your house or helped your mother can corn and tomatoes from your garden, then you won’t have some of the contextual background to understand what I’m saying here.

      No, it’s not normal to live really, really close to the bone. Hey, I have running water and a TV. My point is, we often sacrifice what is living within us in favor of treading water financially and hoping that SOMEDAY the “Live With Passion” Fairy will bestow upon us an inspiration that will make us both happy and wealthy.

      See the tension here between what’s “practical” and what’s possible?

      To hell with practical! Comfort is the enemy of evolution.

      Many people find that when they begin moving toward what makes them feel alive, doors will start to open that will take care of the more practical concerns. I believe it’s a mistake to start there, though.

      What say you?

      • by the way…I just read this in an email I received. Seemed to be relevant here…

        just a snippet.

        “Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Have you committed to follow your bliss this year? When you do, it doesn’t matter if it pays the bills or not; it will actually energize you to do those things that pay the bills. I’ve fully let go to my deep desire to sing more, putting no expectations on it to do anything but bring me joy, so the tailwind of Grace is propelling me, AND interestingly I’m getting more “work” done as well! During breaks in the music making, inspiration comes, paperwork gets done, pages get written, challenges get solved, and work is flowing better and faster than before.”

  4. And what do you know of walking on hot coals and broken glass?

  5. I’ve been pursuing my great passion and ultimate desire for more than half my life: I am a composer and writer – nothing fulfills me more than that moment when something that wasn’t there is suddenly there because of something that I have done. It doesn’t take a 7 day contemplation – in fact, I would hazard that someone doing such an exercise without the guidance of someone who could help someone recognize the fantastic from the fantasy could lead to some real heartbreak in the end. After all, there comes a time when we must open our eyes to the realities of the world around us and accept that we are all citizens of the world, citizens with responsibilities to that world and the other people living near us – our neighbours.

    • thanks for your thoughts. I will respectfully point out that in the immortal words of The Dude (Big Lebowski) “….well…uh…that’s like, just your opinion, man.” 🙂

      OK, seriously, though…the point here isn’t to get too technical about the approach, Crazy Composer. You have the perspective of living in your bliss for a long time. Most people are so distant from theirs that they don’t even know where to start.

      I’m not suggesting that they go leaping off of cliffs here…just gently move in the direction that their intuition has been suggesting.

      While I appreciate your point of view, it would be well to remember that many people are in the process of waking up. You can see things from a creative standpoint more clearly, perhaps, because you have been pursuing a passionate life. It’s well to be gentle and remember that others may need little nudges like this one. There’s no harm done by concentrating on the inner voice.

      Thanks for your comment. Hope you’ll stay in the conversation.

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