Take a stand…shine your light

this is from my heart to all of us who have accepted the fire into our lives and surrendered ourselves as channels for Light & Love in this world

Sisters and Brothers,

The time has come! Great changes are now in motion upon the earth.

We have had the luxury of living in an era of comfort and relative peace. Each of us has been in the classroom of Life. Until now, like children, we have learned through play.

The energy is increasing. Momentum is shifting rapidly. Humanity is engaged in the chaos that comes before the end of an age.

The time has come for us to step into the full responsibility of our mission. We can not expect the unconscious world to easily understand or accept the gifts we bring them.

As we shine our own light, we will be met with fear and misunderstanding at times. The sleeping wish to remain asleep.

Our great challenge is to go about our task with insurrectionary love and fierce compassion (yes, this sounds a bit dissonant, but the game is “for real” now).

Our families and oldest friends may not support us in the path we have chosen. This does not mean that we must resist or even persuade them. We must be willing to stand strong as shadows swirl all around us and hold up mirrors with courage.

We have our hearts wide open. We have walked through the fire and the valley. Our feet are tired from climbing the solitary, uphill trail. We have allowed layers of mis-perception to fall away. We have shed our protective shells.

This brave work has left us both passionate and vulnerable.

As the world shifts beneath our feet, we can look around and see what is happening–but we must bring a spirit of clear understanding wherever we go. Those who have agreed to come to this point of the Planet’s evolution in a state of sleep have their part to play as well.

In the times that lie ahead, there will be widespread confusion and our mission is to hold up beacons of Light so that the newly awakened will be able to see their way to safety.

I don’t offer this message with a spirit of gloom or doom. Instead, I say with great joy that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. We can’t offer people the false hope that their comfortable illusions won’t be shattered, but we can show by example what it means to move out into the main current of the fast-moving river with peace.

It’s difficult to stand aside and allow the energy of angry insults to pass by–but that is what we must do. As happens in any major change, lots of emotion will be released. We must be willing to see that “nothing is personal”.

We are here on-time and on-purpose. It is such a privilege to link arms with all of you and know that there are no accidents. We have agreed to cross each other’s paths–and now we are waking up to “Who We All Really Are“.

Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your gifts.

I’m going to place a video reading from Rob Brezsny’s book Pronoia here at the end of my thoughts. He says it so perfectly.

Much love to you!



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PS…are you ready to stand with me and serve with love & compassion?ย  Want to talk about what this means?ย  Leave a comment below.ย  Let’s discuss!


43 Responses

  1. Jacob

    So grateful to stand in love’s light with you. You are truly an inspiration!


  2. WOW ! great message a true reflection of truth and where we are at and are
    going together…So glad I saw this side of your Soul!

  3. Rowdy, my friend, you are a brilliant star. I am blessed to call you a friend. Thank you for sharing your eloquent, passionate heart and reading such an incredible passage from Pronoia. I couldn’t agree more. Your strength, strengthens me. Thank you.

    • such a wonderful thing to find others gathering together. our combined Light is growing brighter and brighter throughout the world. It is for just such a time as this that we have come!



  4. this is a lovely page, there is indeed a great shift occurring!

  5. I absolutely love Rob Brezney! He is very good with words for sure. I have subscribed to his newsletter for years! I am honored to be a part of the awakening occurring here on earth. I also believe in living what we speak of and being the change. My prayer is to continue to coonect with those who know why they are here to help others help themselves. It can be a very lonely path when you feel like you seem to be the only one lol. Blessings and love, thank you.


  6. A wonderful message of truth. Thank you for sharing and expressing your gift of Divine expression.

    Know the Flow as you go,
    Carmien (@KnowTheFlow)

  7. Almost as strong as the call to purpose, is the call to link up with others who understand what that means. It’s not a scary road, and the road doesn’t need to be deinfitely, we just each need to move courageously on our path and this will be how we unify. What you wrote he is absolutely amazing, and I’m happy to have heard it put in such real terms. The more I follow my path, the more the comfortable illusions seem uncomfortable, scary and inappropriate. Truly giving up those comforts, WE ARE DOING THIS!!

  8. I have this book..And it is a journey..I agree. Blessings.

  9. Keep shining!

    “We are here on-time and on-purpose. It is such a privilege to link arms with all of you and know that there are no accidents. We have agreed to cross each otherโ€™s pathsโ€“and now we are waking up to โ€œWho We All Really Areโ€œ.

    You are an inspiration!!

  10. Jacpb.

    Very timely! Thanks so much for the encouragement brother. The truth of your words bear repeating and I will be sure to share this with my little sangha.



  11. Jacob, how wonderful it is to find others who understand the process of breaking open that is happening now, both individually and collectively. Many are frightened to see the old familiar structures and systems collapsing, but it is necessary.

    As our own heart breaks open and all that is not the truth of who we are pours out, we wake up to the Love that we are and begin to allow it free expression in the world.

    As world structures and systems break open, all the illusions and dysfunction that have defined our world crumble so that we can create a new way of life based on the truth of who we are.

    The place of power that we can stand in no matter what is going on is Love. Let us choose to allow Love to flow freely through us and dedicate ourselves to radiating Love unconditionally. We have chosen to be the lighthouses ~ it’s time to shine.


    • thank you! yes, yes, yes…

      it really is great to have met you and many others lately. I have seen & felt this for so long–but it can be lonely at times trying to express how the breaking apart of “the world as we know it” will be positive! Most people react with fear.

      many blessings to you.



  12. Jacob, you are an inspiring spiritual leader and I have no doubt you will help many of those living unconscious lives to awaken to a new reality – you will light their fire! Much love, it has been such a privilege to walk the NTSA path with you. Hope we’ll be walking it together after this week… May the fire of passion keep burning brightly within you my wise friend!

  13. Fantastic Jacob! You articulate so well what I think that many of us are feeling, but cant quite describe in words.
    One verse rang so true – “Our families and oldest friends may not support us in the path we have chosen. This does not mean that we must resist or even persuade them. We must be willing to stand strong as shadows swirl all around us and hold up mirrors with courage.”

    • Thank you, Chris. I really appreciate this.

      Yeah….we’re living in weird times. It really isn’t “business as usual” but lots of people keep hoping it will all just go back to “normal”. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • So many are still waiting for Santa Claus to bring them their Christmas wishes. I played this game for a while too. Unfortunately all this really does is set us up for more disappointment, discouragement, and pushes us further into chaos. It is a vicious cycle.

      • yes. life can be confusing while we wake up ๐Ÿ™‚ I recommend Paulo Coelho’s “Warrior of Light” book… just reading it now. He’s great about holding out hope and also teaching practicality.

  14. Hmm. Wondered where you went. Jake I’m praying for you and your family. This light of yours looks pretty dim. I know you’ll see this as short sighted, close minded, and arrogant but God’s never finished with us and he isn’t with you. Running down this road won’t get you what you need. Go ahead and climb your cliff just make sure you stay on it. Give my best to your family.

    • Thanks, Brian

      It’s always a little difficult to know how to respond to this kind of thing. That’s why I paused for a couple of days before replying.

      Clearly, I won’t be able to convince you of anything–and I don’t do much of that anyway.

      I have, therefore, a choice: 1). take your comments personally and fire off a reply that comes from the limbic-brain/fight-or-flight reaction or 2). just acknowledge that you and I have different paths and vastly different world-views.

      I’m going with #2 and I add to that, Brian, that “I honor your path”.

      Thank you for stopping by…you’re welcome anytime.

      Remember, too, that what we see in the world is a reflection of our own consciousness. We are completely responsible for how we process the information and the decisions we make.



    • “I must allow my Father, Yahwah, to carry out His Plans for me without any anxiety or interference from me.” ~Naomi Boynton~

      I agree with you Brian … we must be kindred spirits … H

  15. Jacob,
    I admire so many things about you. First of all, your compassion and heart is so evident. Just keep being who you are. Your light is very bright indeed. You give so many the courage to listen to the call. That which has a thousand names and no name is urging us all to step into our power. No longer giving it away to other or demonizing it (literally). The only belief that empowers is love. All others seem to trap us further. I thank you for inspiring me and many others to remember that is the true path. That is the path of Jesus. It is the path of all our greatest spiritual teachers. It is what inspires all of creation…even the shadows. We, collectively, are taking a giant leap in our understanding and awareness of ourselves in this magnificent universe. It requires the greatest faith to go where we (humans) have not yet gone.

    I was raised in a very religious family (evangelical). What I learned from them was the power of faith. I also learned that religion does not free the heart and mind to be love. Love comes from connection with spirit which comes from intention, desire, singing, dancing, living and loving life! It comes in so many forms. But when the mind decides there is only one way to know love (God)…that’s a much longer, harder journey…and I believe that to know love, is to know God. No one can show you that…you have to experience it to know it. That’s the tricky part.

    So, thank you! Thank you for being an exuberant, joyful, bliss instigator and cheerleader. You remind me to be who I already am…when I’m not lost in all the data/stuff/illusion/beliefs/ideas/memes that I’ve inherited or adopted unconsciously…


    • wow. Thanks for this note, Lisa. So much to talk about with you–hopefully sooner rather than later. We clearly share a similar upbringing.

      Isn’t it beautiful to begin to see the radiant patterns that connect all of it? I find myself returning often to the teachings of my youth and thinking, “there’s SO much truth here–so much that connects this to all other Truth…”

      thanks again. thank you for your encouragement and your friendship. thanks for YOUR light…



  16. Thanks for reading this, Jacob. I think along the same lines. Looking forward to connecting with this book too, eventually. Found you via twitter.


  17. Jacob, I am simply at a loss for words. Thank you so much for being your courageous, authentic self…and for giving others the strength to do the same. I am smiling big! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love, light & Reiki hugs,

  18. Your writing is so inspirational! You are a shining star – thank you, thank you, thank you for being here!

  19. Beautiful, Jacob. Thank you.

  20. Jacob, the more I read and internalize the truths in your writings, I know we are all on the right path. The absolute beauty in this shift of consciousness is in connecting on a different level. When we create from the position of spirit we move in the Love&Light we are.
    Thank you for your sharing. Humanity knows you as Love. I know you as Love and friend. Blessed be.

    • DJ,

      I no longer regard meetings between like-minded souls as products of “chance”. You and I have met by divine appointment and I am honored to share with you.

      Many blessings and gratitude for your Light,


  21. yes, brothers, not just in some distant galaxy, but for ever all ways, every where and when..

    we are all of that and more ..and WaaHooooo!! man, this is a RIDE!!!

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