The Empathy Effect & The Epochal Shift

Take a 10 1/2 minute break and watch this. Please comment and discuss… This ties a lot of threads together (for me anyway)


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  1. Hey brother….. (according to this video I must have evolved past my religion if I think of you that way!)

    loved the animation, but he contradicts himself so many times and makes such big leaps in reasoning….. to make a point that seems meaningless.

    “there is no empathy in heaven because there is no death” he tells us after telling us that babies are soft-wired for empathy before they know of death………. right.

    also…. “modern man’s brains aren’t wired like ancient man’s brains” as he writes the needs of ancient man’s needs as “belonging, sex, food, & shelter”……. obviously this guy has “tenure” or a bill gates grant….. those are still the primary drivers for all of mankind last I checked….. ….. sure “advanced societies” (which the majority of human beings STILL do NOT belong too) have the mass communication tools but the majority do not have the economic option to not have the “ancient man’s” needs as the primary motivating driver in life…. and in my opinion will NEVER have it. Because man is a “HERD” animal…. and at the top of every herd is a rich king, president, CEO, best-selling author…. etc, etc…. that takes up the majority of the resources at the expense of the herd. Even the ancient “love spouting…..supposedly tolerant, transcendent Rumi was quite the very RICH CEO best-selling author…… amazing to me thinking how could he preach such sublime happy thoughts as he was surrounded by utter poverty and depravity…… the lesson seems clear…… the very rich can afford the peace he preaches……….. or maybe “start your own religon” and get rich??? : ) sorry, that was a commercial!

    the point of empathy for Haiti in the video was also interesting/ironic…… but I’ve gone on too long….. thanks for letting me stop by, I hope your well,


    ps….. Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson…… takes this whole empathy, consciousness concept through a very orderly progression and logical conclusion….

    • hey, Brother

      thanks for adding me to your virtual family. I take it as an honor.

      I am not a particularly critical observer–even though I’m aware of some of the rules of logic, I don’t pay attention to them closely when I get interested in something. Big surprise, huh? 🙂

      By the way, I’ll dig into Prometheus Rising…sounds interesting and you’ve mentioned a few times before.

      Thanks for stopping by and registering your thoughts. I like it.


  2. The discovery of mirror neurons was VERY interesting to hear about! But then he went into the forced-reasoning of those who feel it’s necessary to make logical sense out of things that are really more noetic. He comes up with an idea – “empathy requires suffering,” – and based on that more-than-shaky hypothesis, makes grandiose statements like “empathy cannot exist in a utopia.” What?!? Does he think there’s no empathy when people are in love? Has his life been so sad that he’s never experienced joy at another’s good fortune? When he listens to live music, does he never feel what the musician is feeling? Hello? This guy needs to spend some time in so-called “third world” countries, where people are a heck of a lot happier, where joy is shared among people, even strangers, continually.

    As usual, RSAnimantion is awesome and inspiring, though, eh? Thanks for sharing that; and I AM glad to have learned about mirror neurons.

  3. I just wanted to thank you for the clip that you posted!! It really means alot to me and also to my sissy Tanya, I hope you have a GREAT night,,,,

  4. This is one of my favorite videos…YES, we are an empathic civilization! Cheers to paradigm shifts…and to HOPE! 🙂

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