Breathing Life

Right-click on this picture & select “Save As” to download the MP3 of “TGIF” radio show from 7/29

 My guest, Harmon Hathaway,  is a breath of fresh air.  He’s been helping people correct physical problems since the 1960’s.  He founded the American Yoga Foundation, is an author, speaker and international teacher.  He runs a 130-acre retreat in the Catskill Mountains.  Over the years he has worked with many professional athletes and entertainment notables.  You might expect someone with his experience and credentials to take his work very seriously.  In fact, I found Harmon to be full of friendliness, humility and good humor.

Mr. Hathaway talked about:

  • The triangle of body, speech & mind
  • Breathing without dogma
  • Using our body as a natural barometer for insight
  • How to use breathing & alignment to correct physical problems.

Rather than just talk about concepts and theories, Harmon walked the “Thank God It’s Friday” radio audience through basic alignment and breathing exercises.

You are invited to download and listen to this interview with a wise old master of healing. 

Right-click on the button below and “Save as” MP3


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